Litter Pickup Services

Our litter pickup service is offered to industrial, commercial, and retail customers wishing to keep their properties clean. Not only do we clean up litter, but we also haul it away at no extra cost! We pride ourselves on taking your waste and turning it into a recyclable product. Let us tailor a service schedule that is right for you.

Exterior Litter Cleanup

Our litter cleanup program is custom tailored to the individual needs of each property. Mix and match services to suit your maintenance program and help keep your property looking its best.

Recycling Tote Service

WE RECYCLE! Let us put a recycling bin next to each of your exterior trash cans. Let’s work together to cut down on your waste!

Waste Container Service

Daily to weekly exchanges of customers trash & recycling containers.  We will frequently clean & sanitize containers for a healthier environment.